GIF challenge!!

Gif Challenge again because i have no life

5th Gif is how your life was 5 years ago:

18th Gif is your life is at the moment:

24th Gif is your life in 5 years:

12th Gif is your first boyfriend:

8th Gif is how your relationship will end:

42nd Gif is your future husband:

32nd Gif is you on your wedding day:

21st is your father/mother in law:

39th is you finding out you are pregnant:

11th is your husbands reaction to your being pregnant:

36th Gif is your first child:

31st Gif is your reaction to your kid leaving home:

9th Gif is you on your 25th Wedding anniversary:

49th Gif is you finding out you are going to be a grandparent:

The Last Gif is you on your death bed: